About us

In 2001 Dirk Peusens bought the “De Hoop” of Elen windmill which was the start of a fantastic adventure.

Currently, Dirk and his team are almost exclusively active in the maintenance and restoration of wind and water mills. We are mill makers at heart.

Dirk, Karen – www.karenboers.be – and Ronny Demol are the driving forces behind our company. Trained by the old mill making family Peel, and with an incredible interest in mills, Ronny built up a knowledge that is not easily matched. Bieke De Vis, Hannes Derbaix and Pieter Lootens provide the necessary dynamics and follow-up.

In recent years, we have completed some amazing restorations such as the Leyssens mill in Lommel and the In Stormen Sterk in Gierle, and we are just as happy to replace a single wedge, as restore the entire structure of a mill.

On our portfolio page you will find a large overview of our projects.

There is a lot of freshly sawn timber used in mill restorations. This is not a problem, but a good follow-up is essential. We can absorb a lot of these problems by annual maintenance. Our expertise is available for your mill.

The regular maintenance of mills is critical. Day in and day out mills are exposed to wind and rain. Sometimes it is just a small defect that causes a mill no longer to run, but the years of standstill caused can be very harmful.

We combine a regular review of the mill with small repairs in order that wind and water mills can continue to work for years without a hitch.


Do you have a question or are you having a problem with your mill? We will visit your mill with great pleasure.
Also for a thorough review of the mill, or for maintenance tips, you can count on us.

Dirk Peusens
Boers & Peusens bvba, Mill maintenance and restorations
Tel. +32 497 82 40 48